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5 Best Android Apps For Android Mobile Users

Now a days , the android technology grew very faster. Everyone wants android phone in his pocket. There are so many android companies that work on android technology and day by day the progress in this technology is grows up. There are so many android apps build that make the use of android mobile very easy and efficient.

Some of android apps are

1)Indeed Job Search:

Indeed Job Search


To search for new job is very difficult now a days. To find a good and best job is very difficult and to search many newspapers and different ads to find a job. To do this a lot of time is waste for this. But now the use of indeed job search apps the time and searching of good job is reduce and the process of find this jobs is quick and easy. Because of this apps you can search job of your choice with the detail of  geographical regions, salary expectations or type of employment (full-time, part-time, etc.).  It was the best job search apps for android mobile.

2)Morecast Weather or Radar App For Android:

Morecast Weather

Today many weather apps for android are available on the play store of the android. In which we can calculate the weather condition of an specific area or city. These apps show the weather condition of all day and some apps show the weather condition of full week. Morecast is the best android app for the weather. It show best looking interface , clear and sensible layout. It shows the weather condition two cities at a time i.e. side by side. It also show the weather condition of a particular route journey.

3)Action Launcher 3 App:


Action Launcher 3 App


Launcher is the android app that can make the android mobile good and beautiful. Launcher can make the mobile screen and theme good and more beautiful. It show the icons of mobile and background theme beautiful and best to use. Action launcher 3 is the one of the best launcher for android mobile.  It show clear and intuitive interface with not so many new addition. With action launcher 3 you can change the your home screen , change drawer layout , change icons of different apps and so many more. It was the best launcher for android mobile.

4)Avast Security/Antivirus App:

Avast Security


Security is the one of the compulsory part of any personal thing. Some time a virus can attack your mobile phone and your all data is corrupted. It was very bad for us. To avoid this there are so many android security/antivirus apps that available in the apps store. The best one is the avast’s  security that can protect our mobile from different viruses that attack the mobile.

5)Chrome Beta Browser App:

Chrome Beta Browser App


We all use internet in our android mobile phones. We use different social websites like Facebook , whats app , instagram etc. they all are android apps we download them make an account and use them. But if we want to browse some websites we need a web browser for it. Chrome beta is the best web browser for the android mobile. It the product of Google. Most of the android mobile have preinstalled chrome browser. Chrome beta is the better version of chrome. If this app is crash by some bugs it can not be crash your data. It crash or stutters very rare.

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