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Edhi Foundation A Social Work Foundation Of Pakistan

Edhi Foundation


Social work is the great virtual in the world. It means to help the need and poor people. It also means to help the people by giving them ambulance facility in case of accident and also donate blood if they need in emergency. People who do social work are very great men.

Edhi foundation is one of the best social work foundation in Pakistan. They provide ambulances , blood donation , shelter to the poor and orphans child and so many more activities that comes in the benefit of the humanity. The founder of edhi foundation is Mr.Abdul Sattar Edhi (late) who was born 1 January 1928 in Gujarat in the British raj. He was died in 8 July 2016   at the age of 88 years. He was the great man in over the world. He devoted his whole life for the benefit of the humanity. He runs so many hospitals , orphans shelters , homeless shelters and rehab centers all across the Pakistan. First he moves to Karachi to build a low price dispensary for the low income residents areas. In 1957 edhi foundation donations allowed to buy its ambulance. And later with the help of his wife Bilquis edhi he expended his charity network all over the Pakistan. In his life through Government and private donation he establishing a network of 1800 minivan ambulances. At the time of his death Edhi was the parent and guardian of the 20000 children. Edhi was called a most respected and legendary man of the Pakistan. He was the “angel of mercy”. Abdul Sattar Edhi was the world greatest living humanitarian. Edhi was nominated several for noble peace prize. His mother was also very humble woman. She gave him one paisa for meal and one paisa for to help the bagger. He inspired with his mother and lived all their life for the benefit of the humanity. Abdul Sattar Edhi said , “people have become  educated , but have yet to human”. Edhi foundation grows days by days now it became the number one social foundation in the Pakistan. Edhi foundation grows both in size and services. In an calculation edhi foundation rescued over 20000 abandoned infants , provide shelter over 50000 orphans and trained over 40000 nurses. Edhi foundation also runs 330 welfare centers in both rural and urban areas which operate as food kitchen , homeless shelters , orphans homes and clinic for the mentally  handicapped. The ambulance services of the edhi foundation is the world largest service and it offer 24 hours service. In 2005 it provide  aid of Hurricane Katrina and it has run relief operations in Africa , Middle East , eastern Europe and United State. Edhi has four children two sons and two daughters. Edhi lived a simple life. He always wear simple dress and owning a pair of cloths. He never take any salary for the foundation and lived an apartment next to the head office of the foundation. At his illness , many businessmen  offers him treatment from other countries  but he denied to go to any other country. He was died due to kidney failure. He was lied in Edhi village Karachi.

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