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  History  of Facebook A Simple Review




Now a days social media is very active. We can see and knows about any news and anything through social media. Social media is very fast now a days. Anything happened in the world can spread on social media very quickly. There are a lot of social networking sites but the best one now a days is the facebook.

Early History:

Facebook is the best social networking sites that comes into being on Februray 4,2004. The founder of facebook is Mark Zuckerberg. He created the facebook with his roommates and fellow Eduardo Saverin in the Harvard University. First it was used only in the Harvard University students between the founders of the facebook and later it was expended to the different colleges of Boston area and gradually in the most universities of the Canada and United States corporations. In September 2006, facebook can be launched for all over the world to the people of  age 13 years to old which have valid email address.

1)2002 History:

Facemash was the predecessor of the facebook opened on October 28,2002. When the Mark Zuckerberg was in the second year of the college he wrote the software for the face mash website in his college room. It was the game for the Harvard students name “hot or not”. In this website picture of two students can be compare side by side to see which one is the hot and which one is not. First the site is only compare the pictures from one to nine house and they decide which one is hot or not. By this the site can quickly forward to the other campuses server and used wildly in all over the campuses. But soon Harvard executives shut down this site a few days after it opened. This is because of violating the copyright , breach of security and violating individual privacy for stealing the personal pictures of someone for populate his sites. Mark Zuckerberg faced charges for all of this. But soon all the charges were dropped. Mark Zuckerberg initially uploaded 500 Augustan pictures with comments section in his website each picture on a single page. He opened the site with his classmates and people start sharing their notes on the website. Their professors said, it was the best site image per page with comments section.

About Founder:

It was the first social hack of the Mark Zuckerberg. He started to write new code for site named “Facebook” in January 2004. He said in an article in the Harvard University that he start writing the new code for the facebook after the incident of the facemash. After this on February 4,2004 , he launched  “the facebook” with original domain of thefacebook.com. He also stated that he has intention to create the website that  connect the people all around the university. With in after one month of launching this website, more than half of the undergraduate students of the Harvard university was registered on the service. Facebook expended on Stanford, Colombia and Yale in March 2004. And this expansion continued in the different schools of the Boston area. And after this it reached the different universities of the Canada and United State.

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