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History of Google A Short Review


Today internet is widely used. In every field of life internet is the basic block of each field. With the help of internet we can take information and also so many others things all over the world. To find something on the internet we must have a search engine. There are so many search engine technologies.


Google is the American multinational company that provide internet base or related  services and products like online advertising , software , search and cloud computing.  The main and most profit of Google is through Ad words , an online advertising services on different websites by giving different advertising on the list of search results. Google firstly founded by Stanford university California by Larry page and Sergey Brin while doing their PhD. They together own 14 percent of his share  and control 56 percent stockholder in super voting stock. They established Google as private company on September 4,1998. Soon Google moved to their new headquarter in Mountain view California , nickname the googolplex in August 19,2004.


In August 2015 Google shows their interest to reorganize the holding company called Alphabet inc. when this happen the Google became the alphabet’s leading subsidiary.  By the rapid growth of Google it provides many facilities like Google search ,online different software’s , email facilities (Gmail) ,cloud storage services like Google drive and social networking services (Google++) . it also provide desktop application like Google chrome (for web browsing) , Google photo (organizing and editing photo) and hangouts(messaging and video calls). The company now develop the operating system for android and also for desktop pc’s.

Google can run an estimate of more than one million services in the data center each day around the world(2007). It can process over one million search requests and about 24 petabytes user generated data per day (as of 2009). Google.com is the most visited website in the world in December 2013 by Alexa who listed this. Now a days Google can used different languages for different applications like java and python Backrub is written in these languages. The first domain of the Google is google.stanford.edu. The  domain name Google.com was registered on September 15,1997. Google can also owned different sites like YouTube and blogger. “to organize the world’s information and make it unicersally accessible and useful” is the mission statement of the Google from outset. The unofficial slogan was “don’t be evil”. In October 2015, the motto can change to “do the right thing” in the alphabet corporate code of conduct. On august 1998, the  contribution of $100000 was the first funding of Google from Andy Bechtolsheim the co-founder of sun Microsystems , given before the Google was incorporated.

Recently Achivament:

As of September 2013 , the Google launch or operates 70 offices around the 40 countries in the world. On September 27,2013 the Google celebrate its 15 years of anniversary. Google can also invest on different projects. In 2010, Google invest $38.8 million on Google energy project on two wind forms in North Dakota. This project generate 169.5 megawatts energy that is enough for supply 55000 homes.

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