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Feeding America is found by John van Hengel in 1960s. He is retired a businessman and after retirement he volunteering at a soup kitchen to serve hungry people. Idea to serve hungry people belong to a desperate mother who explore grocery store garbage bins to find foods for her hungry children and she was suggest to Mr Hengel for food bank where they store discarded and extra food. On that idea Hengel established St. Mary’s Food bank in Phoenix and it is first food bank. In initial year van Hengel and it’s team provide 275,000 pounds of food to peoples. Food service for hungry people fastly popular and a lot of people volunteer for this and in the result food bank open its branches in 18 cities till 1977. As number of food bank increase, van Hengel create a national organization for food bank. later in 2008, van Hengel change the name of organization with Feeding America to reflect the mission of organization. Now Feeding America is the largest network in america and network become more wide with 200 food banks. According to Feeding America organization it feed more then 46 million including 12 million children and 7 million elder people annually. Organization spend 98 cents of every dollar which is fund by peoples across the country. Feeding America provide 46 billion pounds of meal of every kind to people .

Way of Donations:

Feeding America organization also accept other donations with food. It introduce some procedure for donation of different things.

Food Donation:
One of the way to donate food is become a product partner. Regular food partner participate and provide more than 3 billion pounds of food and grocery. According to Feeding America corporation partners fund foods for distribute 3 billion pound of food. Feeding America provide tax and liability protection to it corporate partners. Organization also introduce a method to donate food called Food Drives. Across the country, people provide food to local centers. People who are on the beginning level are teaches by Feeding American Food experts how to safe food and what kind of food it accept. Regular member drive to local throughout the year to help neighbors. Feeding America make high standard policy for donation of meals which mean not every type of food a can be acceptable. Local centers sort the foods and check the quality of food to ensure that it is absolutely safe.
Best way to help needy or hunger families which is away from you is by making cash donation to your local center because food can not be supply everywhere in safe meaning specially when problem on international level.

Honor Someone Special with e Card from Feeding America:

Honor someone special by donating a GIF to Feeding America Organization with it name. An honor gift is good way to celebrate your events like anniversary, holiday, some special day, birth day and in the memory of some special. Share your gift by attaching Feeding America e-card.

Securing Food:

According to the report of Feeding America, people waste near about 70 billion food annually which is in good condition. Wastage of Food is financially loss from lower level to upper level. Organization try to reduce these loss and motivate people for  donating their extra foods and also coaching classes of awareness for the better use of food. Feeding America annually save 967 million fruit and vegetable in good condition.

Operation targeted Programs:
Million of children which are insecure from regular and good meal, so organization serve them meal without charges. Feeding America also serve meal to those people who work through whole life and after retirement they don’t have any source. During disaster strikes food banks provide the food and emergency supplies to help people. It provide foods very rapidly to people in disaster areas by it’s food centers. Feeding America only serve in US and it’s activities related to food just. Feeding America received some National awards and a noble prize also. Hunger Action Center manage an online community who help to relief programs. main goal of Feeding America is to help unger people and according to it 49 million people face hunger. That’s why Feeding America work with major food productions that’s why Feeding America now able to save more than 2.2 billion pound of food.

Feeding to Child and Elders:
Food insecurity is danger for all kind of peoples but it increase danger for kids because they are not able to afford at the childhood stage. In US 16 million kids face hunger in different areas. Future of any country lies in it’s new generation but if the child’s are affected by diseases and hunger so they can’t survive in good way. That’s why Feeding America concentrate more on Kids. Parents buy cheapest food for child’s and they know that but they don’t have option except it. For that reason organization provide secure food products on market. Just not children face hunger , senior citizen also include in problem, 5 million senior citizen face hunger and also number of medical challenge due to over age. After long time work many of them face health issues on fixed income. Organization provide opportunity to senior citizen they pay for groceries and take medicine. Hunger has no boundaries so support to Feeding American organization by your donation to reduce hunger. Million of peoples are waiting for your donations and your little effort can save life of someone. Also try to avoid wastage of food.

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