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American Diabetes Association (ADA)




American Diabetes Association was found by group of 28 physicians in 1940. In first 30 years Diabetes Association was limited in physicians but in 1970 association decide to add general members for structure enhancement.Aim of American Diabetes Association is to reduce the diabetes diseases, awareness in people and improve the lives of diabetes patients. To fulfill this mission, more than 90 offices of association working throughout in country. Association fix large amount of funds for scientific research and then to convey this information to peoples. Near about 74 cents of each dollar association spent for research.  Initially association don’t have any research laboratory so efforts was just based on collection of information. But in 1994 American Diabetes Association establish its own laboratory to accelerate research about diabetes.

Brief History:

According to American Diabetes Association, more than 300,000 people contact for treatment, questions and concerns. In 2011, community support center response to more than 20,000 calls ratio of per month. Association also running Family Link Program and aware the families about managing the diabetes at school. Beside Family Link Program, association also manage number of events every year such as walks, tour de cure, diabetes EXPO, school walk. Step out walk is largest fund raising event and take place in the fall of every year. Step out walk is held in 125 market places in overall country. Tour de Cure is a cycling ride event, held in 44 states of USA by association. Special routes are designed for cyclists and participants are awarded with red shirts. In school walk diabetes event, school students get chance to learn about healthy living, diabetes. This event is also fundraising program. BAD Event (Bikers Against Diabetes) is family festival in which funding was collecting by bike riding. November is the month od Diabetes so November is the golden time of American Diabetes Association. Association run campaigns throughout the month for attention to the seriousness of diabetes. Association also encourage the peoples to participate in their campaigns.

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