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American Heart Association (AHA)

American_heart_associationAmerican Heart Association (AHA) was establish in 1924 in New York. Basic aim of association was prevention and relief of heart diseases. American Heart Association is a non-profit organization working in throughout country and its headquarter located in Dallas, Texas. Originally it was found by group in New York in 1915. Initially group study about the heart patients or whether they come in their work routine or not. In 1924 six cardiologists group together, they recognize the need for national organization to promote information about heart diseases. Due to insufficient funds it works on small level but in 1940 it was grant by Procter and Gamble with 1.5 million dollars. In 1950, American Heart Association publish its first scientific researches. They recommend to people limited fats and cholesterol. In 1957 they share researches which help to reduce the heart strokes. Some of them are correct body wait, exercise, reducing the diet containing on fat, limiting the cholesterol.

In 1994, Chronicle of Philanthropy publish its survey result in which American Heart Association was on the 5th number in most popular non-profit organization. According to the result people above the age 12 responds to AHA by Love and Like. In 2010, AHA start the campaign “Go Red for Women”. In this campaign AHA research about the reason of strokes, risks in women and action which are helpful to protect their health. Because American Heart Association is non-profit organization so it collects fund from fund raising events and donation from volunteers. Every year on international heart day, association manage an event for public.

AHA running number of public service campaigns and fund raising events. For awareness about heart diseases AHA publish standards about life support and by also provide first aid trainings. For public service, AHA publish magazines on regular basis which contain useful information and also publish latest research in these magazines.

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