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University of California


University of California was established on May 1868 in Berkeley. Currently it contain on 10th campuses, all of offer graduate and undergraduate programs except UC San Francisco. UC San Francisco just offer graduate and professional courses of medical and health sciences. Academic Reputation of University of California System is wonderful. UC enlist in the one of the top university systems in world. University of California researchers create 5,505 inventions and 2,497 patents. On many inventions University of California honored with noble prizes.

Number of Nobel Prize Winners

  • California University Berkeley (72 Nobel Prizes)
  • California University San Diego (21 Nobel Prizes)
  • California University Los Angeles (15 Nobel Prizes)
  • California University Santa Barbara (10 Nobel Prizes)
  • California University Irvine (4 Nobel Prizes)
  • California University Davis (1 Nobel Prize)
  • California University Santa Cruz (1 Nobel Prize)
  • California University Riverside (1 Nobel Prize)

University of California Libraries
Every campus of UC maintain its own library system. Library system of UC is one of the Largest library system with 34 Million items. Along campus libraries it also run two regional (Northern and Southern California).

Annual Budget
Budget of University was $3.04 billion in 2001 but after that it was reduce by California State. Currently budget spent on University of California by State of California Was $2.5 billion. In May, 2004 President and Chancellor make a private agreement about half billion US dollar name as “Higher Education Compact” with Governor Schwarzenegger.

National laboratories
University of California has its own one laboratory (United States Department of Energy National Laboratory) while also partner in two different private Department of National Laboratories.

Lawerence Berkeley National Laboratory
Lawerence Berkeley Natioanl Laboratory major research programs are

  • Energy and Environment solutions
  • Nanoscience
  • New Energy Systems
  • Fundamental Studeis of Universe
  • Quantitative Biology

Lawerence Livermore National Laboratory
Following research programs are part of Lawerence Livermore National Laboratory

  • Supercomuting and predictive modeling
  • Energy and environment
  • Bioscience
  • Biotechnology
  • Basic science
  • Applied technology
  • Counter proiferation of weapons of mass destruction
  • Homeland security

Los Alamos National Laboratory
Major reserach work of Los Alamos laboratory  is to ensure the reliabality of U.S. nuclear weapons. Other programs under research are

  • Prevent the spread of weapons of mass destruction
  • US national security


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