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Forensic Science Scholarships Top Five

Forensic Science


About Forensic Science very rear people know but due to documentaries on crimes make people aware and produce interest Forensic science. Like other science subjects,Forensic Science is more complex and that is one of the major reason student try to avoid forensic field. But along with complexity forensic science has major career opportunities on high grades like in police depart, Investigation depart or in other. Due to above factor every universities not introduce forensic in its basic subjects and one factor is more important which is advanced equipped Labs for practice of students. Along these academy fee of forensic course is also high so every student cant afford this easily. For needy students some organization introduce scholarships for Forensic students to keep their study continue. Data about scholarships are taken from their official sites and from some other sources. At our site u find just description of scholarships but for further details or to apply we also put the link of scholarship source.

#1 AFTE Scholarship Program:
The Association of Firearm and Tool Mark Examiners introduce scholarship program for needy students who have major in forensic science. AFTE reward to selected students with dollars 2000 annually either they are student of Bachelor, master’s or on Doctoral level, in short AFTE support to student on every level. AFTE prefer those student who work on forensic project and interest in forensic job.Condition for application are

  • Applicant must be enrolled in natural or biological science
  • Student must have minimum 3 GPA
  • Personal Statement
  • Recommendation Letter

For application and more information from official website: AFTE Scholarship Program

#2 American Chemical Society Scholarship Program:

20 years ago, ACS (American Chemistry Society) has start scholarship program for students who leading major in forensic chemistry and related. American Chemistry Society awarded to selected students with 5000 dollars annually to continue their studies. Students enrolled in chemistry, forensic chemistry program, toxicology or chemical technology program. Beside American students ACS also offer to Indian, African, Hispanic students. Conditions for application are

  • Student have minimum 3.0 GPA
  • SAT test score
  • Official Transcript
  • Resume
  • Career planning in chemical forensic or in other
  • 2 letters of recommendation
  • Financial information
  • Income and asset proofs

For application and more information from official website: American Chemical Society Scholarship Program

#3 ASCLD Annual Scholarship Program:
ASCLD (American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors) host annual scholarship program for needy students who studying major of forensic science. This program is annual based and reward to students with 1000 dollar. Application procedure is

  • Current Resume
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Personal Statement
  • Financial help

For application and more information from official website: ASCLD Annual Scholarship Program

#4 Ellis Forensic Science Scholarship Program:
This scholarship program is start in the honor of forensic scientist who define how to identify the remains of bones with Kerley Method. Ellis scholarship program is annually based and awarded to students with 2500 dollars. Students on master and doctoral level are eligible for scholarship program. To qualify online system is introduced and official transcript, letter of recommendation and essay of personal statement is required.
For application and more information from official website: Ellis Forensic Science Scholarship Program

#5 Emily R.Murphy Graduate Scholarship:
This scholarship program is start by Virginia Commonwealth University in the honor of its student who lost her life in accident in the age of 22 years. Graduate student of forensic courses are eligible for scholarship. Following condition are necessary for scholarship

  • Strong Academic merit
  • Essay on potential for leadership in forensic science
  • Letter of Recommendation

For application and more information from official website:Emily R.Murphy Graduate Scholarship

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