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Greenpeace organization Of Canadian

Greenpeace organization


Greenpeace organization was found by a Canadian environmental activist in 1971 with the basic aim of “ensure the ability of the earth to nature life in all its diversity”. Greenpeace is non-governmental organization, expanding in more than 40 countries. Now Greenpeace run campaign worldwide for awareness about climate change, commercial whaling, increase greenery, genetic engineering and anti-nuclear issue. Greenpeace based on its individual members, according to Greenpeace leadership report 2.9 million people are active for the organization. Organization don’t accept government, political party donations.


In 1960s, U.S plan for nuclear weapon test in island of Amchitka which cause earthquakes in island. In the Response of U.S Nuclear Weapon test, in 1969 near about 7000 peoples blocked U.S Canada border and carrying posters of “Don’t Make a Wave. It’s Your Fault if our Fault Goes”. Later in 1972, Don’t make a Wave Committee was named as Greenpeace. First office of organization was open in Stowe home. After that leadership start meetings with peoples on every Wednesday night. Greenpeace touch to peek in very short time. In 1977, near to 20 organization working throughout world with name of Greenpeace. Canadian Greenpeace organization was heavy in debt at that time.


Organization is the non-profit so it run its system from donations of supporters. Organization don’t accept donation from political parties, government funding in order to avoid their influence. However, it accepts from National Postcode Lottery and some other companies. Ben and Jerry’s fix percentage of revenue on their annual sales to support the Greenpeace campaigns and activities. In 2008, organization collect the donations has worth of 202.5 million Euro from while in 2014 organization annual revenue was $4 million.

Beside working for prevention of nuclear weapons, Greenpeace also run some campaigns for awareness about climate changes. Organization raise awareness about global warming, penetration of ozone layer due to global warming, penetration of ozone layer and methods to reduce air pollution.

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