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The Best Value Colleges Of 2014

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We are providing you the short description about the best value colleges in country, Public and private both are include in list. Ranking of colleges depend upon student debt loan, financial aid, scholarships, annually fee, academic records and some other. Low student debt is more important when considering the value of college.

#1 Berea College

Basic goal of Berea College is providing quality education in lowest budget of student, that’s y Berea College count in top 100 art colleges. Student pay average fee less than 20,000 dollar annually for each program.

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#2 Amherst College

Amherst College is ranked at no 4 by Kip linger in Best Value College list. Student consider Amherst College mark of quality and standard, so admission in Amherst College boost abilities of student for achieving their dreams. Art education in college also prepare student for responsibilities and enhance their potential for earning. Amherst College Students had many awards in their academic and professional careers. Average fee of each program is 12,700 annually.

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#3 Wellesley College

Wellesley College is famous for its high quality and accessible liberal arts program. Kip linger ranked Wellesley College in top 10 affordable college of Liberal Arts. Success of Wellesley College can imagine from the world famous women Hillary Rod-ham Clinton and Madeleine Al bright. Average fee for each program is 13,000 dollar annually which is less than half the national college. Wellesley College focus on quality education with affordable fee.

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#4 United State Air Force Academy

United State Air Force Academy is best for those students who are interested in technology and if they have creative mind. United State Air Force Academy is much wide from maintaining and flying planes. United State Air Force keep Armed forces in contact and not only that it also responsible to keep secure database of communication. United State Air Force Academy offer many technologies for students including

  • Computer Technology
  • Information Technology
  • Network Security Technology
  • Computer Engineering Technology

Many of the students after graduation from United Air Force Academy serve in USAF.

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#5 United State Naval Academy

Like United State Air Force academy it also prepare student in different technologies to serve in Arm Forces of country. After Graduation students have opportunity to serve in US Naval force. Beside United State Naval Academy also offer graduation in many technologies such as

  • Engineering
  • Science Administration

Students in Naval Academy are get quality education which prepare them for military services and capable them for critical thinking according to situation in normal and danger time.

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#6 United States Military Academy, West Point

All military academies are respected and mark of proud for students if they got admission. United State Military Academy is perfect for those who are interested and serve Arm forces. All arm forces academies tuition is Null according to commitment of academy and he must serve military after joining.

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#7 Williams College

Williams College is one of the most expensive college in country but it academic record also superb. Not enough Williams College also offer scholarship to students those who are needy and not able to pay fee. Initially College have no loan policy but after crisis in economy so college change its no loan policy to loan policy. Williams College try to minimize the fee of programs as possible. Student pay 20,000 dollar annually for each program without any aid or scholarship and scholarship holder pay average of 8,000.

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#8 Pomona College

Pomona College is well known in country for its service in liberal Arts. With quality education it also expensive, student pay 18,000 dollar without financial aid or any scholarship and with scholarship it offer course in only 10,000 dollar.

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#9 Scripps College

Scripps College is small college but well and best identified for Liberal arts. Due to limit sources it has 36% acceptance rate. Scripps College offer program in several thousand dollars under national student debt average. Scripps College has interesting story from its Ira and it is founded by Ellen Browning Scripps. She is identified in history for women rights movement leader and this college provide uniquely tailored education to women.

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#10 Swarthmore College

Swarthmore College is ranked on number 1 in top 100 Value College by USA Today. Swarthmore has strong policy about student aids and fee, moreover quality of undergraduate programs, costs, financial aid, less fee programs and strong ratio of student debt to earning potential. College offer program fee 16,000 annually because college pay by itself to students in case of scholarship to reduce costs of room, board and tuition.

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