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World Wide Fund for Nature And Animals

World Wide Fund for Nature



World Wide Fund for Nature was established on 29 April, 1961 by Bernhard of Lipe-Biesterfeld, Prince Phillip, Julian Huxely and some other persons. World Wide Fund for Nature is a non-governmental organization working in throughout world with aim to preserve wilderness. In 2013, World Wide Fund become world largest organization due to its supporters. According to leadership more than 5 million people are attached with organization and at that moment it expands its branches in more than 100 countries. World Wide Fund also accept donation from government, political parties, profit companies along individual donations. World Wide Fund for Nature logo contain on Panda Symbol. The logo idea was provided by young and based on Panda which was transferred from china Beijing Zoo to London Zoo in 1958. But this logo was officially used in 1966. World Wide Fund originally work by preserving nature, biological diversity and reduction of pollution. For these purposes World Wide Fund run campaigns, walk and different projects. For achieving more effective goals, WWF work with other NGO’s, organizations and sometime it also provides funds to cooperative organization. World Wide Fund for Nature currently focusing on increasing population of 36 species including tunas, dolphins, porpoises, elephants.

World  Fund wide For nature regularly publish reports, fact sheets and other documentaries on species and problem facing by organization. A famous publish of World Wide Fund is Living Planet Index with cooperation of London Zoological Society. These publishes raise the line of awareness on chart.

World Wide Fund for Nature organization also face criticism many times. In June 2009, Chairman of Cambodia Commission criticize to WWF for the misrepresentation of Dolphin in order to boost fund campaigns in Cambodia. In 2012, a German journalist criticize organization in his book “The Silence of Pandas”.  In this book journalist WilfriedHuissmann blame that involvement of World Wide Fund for nature organization in Coca-Cola and 1001 Club cause of destruction in environment.

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