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Feeding America Foundation


    History: Feeding America is found by John van Hengel in 1960s. He is retired a businessman and after retirement he volunteering at a soup kitchen to serve hungry people. Idea to serve hungry people belong to a desperate mother who explore grocery store garbage bins to find foods …

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Greenpeace organization Of Canadian

Greenpeace organization

  Greenpeace organization was found by a Canadian environmental activist in 1971 with the basic aim of “ensure the ability of the earth to nature life in all its diversity”. Greenpeace is non-governmental organization, expanding in more than 40 countries. Now Greenpeace run campaign worldwide for awareness about climate change, …

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World Wide Fund for Nature And Animals

World Wide Fund for Nature

    World Wide Fund for Nature was established on 29 April, 1961 by Bernhard of Lipe-Biesterfeld, Prince Phillip, Julian Huxely and some other persons. World Wide Fund for Nature is a non-governmental organization working in throughout world with aim to preserve wilderness. In 2013, World Wide Fund become world …

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Human Brain Working (Men vs. Women)


MULTI-TASKING: Women are multiple processing. Women’s brains designed to focus and work multiple task at a time. Women can Watch a TV and Talk over phone and cook at the same time. Men are Single Processing. Men’s brains designed to focus on only one work at a time. Men can’t …

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American Heart Association (AHA)


American Heart Association (AHA) was establish in 1924 in New York. Basic aim of association was prevention and relief of heart diseases. American Heart Association is a non-profit organization working in throughout country and its headquarter located in Dallas, Texas. Originally it was found by group in New York in …

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5 Best Android Apps For Android Mobile Users

Now a days , the android technology grew very faster. Everyone wants android phone in his pocket. There are so many android companies that work on android technology and day by day the progress in this technology is grows up. There are so many android apps build that make the …

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Shaukat Khanum Memeorial Hospital In Pakistan

  Hospital is the place where someone life can be saved. There are so many hospitals in the Pakistan but Shaukat Khanum memorial hospital one of the best cancer hospital in the Pakistan. The founder of  Shaukat Khanum memorial hospital is imran khan. He was the first man in Pakistan …

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Edhi Foundation A Social Work Foundation Of Pakistan

Edhi Foundation

  Social work is the great virtual in the world. It means to help the need and poor people. It also means to help the people by giving them ambulance facility in case of accident and also donate blood if they need in emergency. People who do social work are …

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History of Computer An Introduction


Introduction: Computer is the great invention of the 20th century of last two decades. Computer is an electronic machine that takes data from the user and after processing it convert into useful information. Computer is great invention of 20th century but its origin is about 2500 years old abacus , …

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Life Of The Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him)

The Holy Book

  Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) was born in Mecca around the year 570. Muslim traditions believe when Muhammad (Peace be upon him) born that was month of Rabi-ul-Awal according to Islamic calendar. Quraysh tribe was guardian of Kaaba so Quraysh consider one of most respected and prominent …

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